Varnish Testing Solutions

Electrowind won’t let your expensive varnish go to waste.

You have a large dip tank with hundreds of gallons of varnish that needs to be tested and balanced regularly. Let us help!

Our FREE Varnish Testing Solution program offers you the convenience of us scheduling your varnish testing for you. Once tested by the manufacturer (Elantas, Dolph’s and Von Roll typically), you will receive a full report that will either state that your varnish requires no change or offers recommendations to have your varnish adjusted.

If an adjustment is required, our staff can help you order the correct materials to ensure that your varnish (and your investment) doesn’t go bad.

How does it work?

1. Contact Electrowind at 800.265.8340 to request to be put on our free Varnish Testing Solution program.

2. Once enrolled in the program, our experts will call and notify you on a regular basis that your varnish needs testing. We will even provide the pint cans and varnish reports that need to be sent into the manufacturer for testing.

3. Once you varnish sample is ready and your form has been fully and correctly completed, we will send into the manufacturer who will test and provide a report.

4. Our staff and you will review the report and decide how to proceed.

Contact Electrowind at 800.265.8340 if you would like to enrol in our FREE Varnish Testing Solution program and keep your investment safe.